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Capturing and Creating Beautiful Imagery


Ashley Duckerin is a Berkshire based photographer / camera operator specialising in corporate travel incentives, events, unit publicity stills, aerial photography, as well as a passion for landscapes.

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Travel Industry


Property & Architecture


Unit Stills



"Ashley is a rare combination of being a creative perfectionist behind the camera and in the edit suite - yet he also understands the client's needs - producing high quality work within budget and to deadline. He worked with me on more than 20 films during the last year - a collaboration I thoroughly enjoyed and which earned well deserved accolades from several high profile clients."


                                                                                                - Louise Mendonça, Red Spot Films

"Always love working with Ashley. I always say we have one thing to do, appear with a list and somehow it all gets done."


                                                                                                                 - Marian Lowers, PlanM

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