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Before & After

The art of light & post processing

Post production isn't always necessary but sometimes it can make all the difference to a shot.

With this image, I was able to shoot multiple exposures, lighting a different area of the property each time.

The final shot is a combination of all the images and some clean up/retouching work.

For me the art of photography is everything from the moment the image is captured all the way to the


final post production rendering for display.

This couple had a beautiful, colourful wedding that deserved an epic final shot.

Unfortunately the weather was only offering a flat, overcast and dull backdrop.

I lit the couple with a remote flash, defused with an umbrella. Took several shots with different exposures

and blended them in photoshop and finally added all the colour layers to produce this as a client delivery.

Following a golf event day at The Belfry for Aston Martin, I had the opportunity to photograph one of their beautiful cars.

Unfortunately It was already dusk and I had lost most of the evening light.

I lit the car using several remote flash pops. Essentially light painting the car.

Light painting a client's beautiful home in Spain

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