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Capturing and Creating Beautiful Imagery


Ashley is a UK based Camera Operator & Photographer working within live events, comedy specials, concerts,

sports, OB's, broadcast TV & corporate events.


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Headshots & Portraits


Unit Stills

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Special Occasions

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Property & Architecture




Before & After

"I love working with this guy."


Tim, Hound Dog Films 

"No matter where we travel around the world, Ashley is there from sunrise to sunset quietly capturing our clients' every move as they enjoy their once in a lifetime experience."


Michelle, River Marketing 

"Ashley is a rare combination of being a creative perfectionist behind the camera and in the edit suite - yet he also understands the client's needs - producing high quality work within budget and to deadline. He worked with me on more than 20 films during the last year - a collaboration I thoroughly enjoyed and which earned well deserved accolades from several high profile clients."


Louise, Red Spot Films

"Always love working with Ashley. I always say we have one thing to do, appear with a list and somehow it all gets done."

Marian, PlanM Media

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